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Jag Pod 2nd draw – John Greaves ticket 121
Nash Trax Metro MK2 barrow 2nd draw – Ashley Underwood ticket 86
Fox Halo Head torch with Power Lite – Johnathan Caves ticket 146
Trakker Tempest V2 Brolly with Infill – Charlie Warne ticket 74
Solar P1 bank sticks and buzz bars – Ben Pinion ticket 184
Canon EOS 250D 12th draw – Damian Kostromski ticket 51
Nash Luggage Bundle – Christopher Hancock ticket 235
Big One Korda Bundle 13th draw – Tony Moore ticket 18
Trakker Cooking Set Mixed – Callan Gough ticket 83
Fox Stalker Pod 2 and 3 Pod – Elliott Miller ticket 1
Carp Spirit Magnum Chair – Charlie Warne ticket 30
Exclusive Deeper Chirp+ 6th draw – Katie Costello ticket 17
RidgeMonkey Escape XF1 Compact bivvy 2nd draw – Tobias Edlin ticket 71
ATOM powapac (single item) – Mark Jones ticket 82
Powapac bundle 6th draw – Christopher Eastaugh ticket 276
3 x Delkim TXI D 39th draw – Reece Hackney ticket 26
3 x Delkim EV D 8th draw – Neal Mcguren ticket 23
Sonik Gizmo 3+1 – Mervyn Roger’s ticket 109
RT4 TOSLON FREE GIVEAWAY – Jake Adam ticket 4111

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