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Win £300 Site Credit 3rd draw – Malcolm Ford #81 (Drawn yesterday)
Big Winter Citruz Bait Bundle – Chris Ward 1 – #25
Biolite Bl Campstove – Vincent Marsh #79
Shimano Xtd Spod Reel 3rd draw – Jenna Crampton #180
Win A Trakker T8 Landing Net – Brian Murray #97
Sonik Sk-tek Recliner – Carl Friend #2
Ridgemonkey Tech Table 10th draw – Justin Seymour #12
Fish Spy Underwater Camera #3 – Brian Murray #42
Ridgemonkey Vault C-smart Wireless Power Pack 3rd draw – Craig Evans #47
Korda Tackle Box And Compac 220 – Jack Tabbner #163
(Feed The Homeless) Wainstones Pool Charity Raffle
1st place Ellen Gallon #534
2nd place Darren Scadden #624
Win £3,500.00 To Spend On Carp Lounge Rt4 – Anthony Sawyers #320

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