A user (One Person) with an active account may enter up to 2-12 times per competition.

We maintain the highest standards when protecting your personal data and card information, we have passed all PCI Compliance with our Payment Gateways and banks to ensure all data is encrypted and safe from cyber attacks if they ever arise, so any attack globally our sites infrastructure will remotely block the attackers IP address.

Once all entries are in and the draw is closed, all entries will then be posted on our facebook page and website within 24 hours. This will include your draw number to the right of your name which is what we will use in the LIVE draw to decide the winner.This means you can watch the live draw with your corresponding number(s) in hand. ​Googles random number generator will then be used to chose a winner, the name linking to the winning number chosen, will be the winner, this will be done LIVE on Facebook.Watch the video on our Facebook page of the last draw for an idea of how it works.We have over 1150+ winners now and nearly £700,000 in prizes won!

Each competition runs on a set ‘draw’ date, which will be displayed on the competitions page.All Carp Gear Draws take place on a Monday & Friday at 5pm. If a competition sells out before the date displayed it will be moved to the next available draw slot.

Carp fishing Gear prizes will be shipped out to the winner for free, or you can come and collect from our office, we ask that all winners to have a photo taken and the photo to be sent to us for use on our channels and Carp Gear winners page.

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