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Richard Maton – VW CADDY, £2000, KORDA BUNDLE, FOX CAMO SET ticket number 1778 😱
Aqua pioneer – Joe Barnes ticket number 283
Gardiner bundle – Gareth Peck ticket number 212
PB bundle – Daniel Lalowski ticket number 49
Delks EV D 2nd – Billy Rixon ticket number 80
Nash Indulgence SS4 WIDE – Shaun Firek ticket 145
Canon DLSR 8th – Jay Norris ticket number 121
Delkim TXI D 31st – Billy Chalkley ticket number 116
Free Powapacs bundle
1st winner Aaron Whitty ticket number 33
2nd winner Justin Tilbury ticket number 470
Tackle box collection – Nicholas Pearce ticket number 38
For the legends Korda bundle – Melissa Little ticket number 603
RidgeMonkey Headtorch and IR 2nd – Joe Sanders ticket number 67
Sticky Manilla 9th – Mark Cunliffe ticket Number 171

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