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Ridge monkey head torch and Elite IR – Shaun Skinner ticket 89
Nash pinpoint and vice 2nd – Jonathan Foote ticket 41
Fox Halo Bundle with lights – Paul Davies ticket 99
Reuben Heston 60lb with handle and pouch – Jack Watson ticket 29
Nash Siron S5R and Receiver – Jonny King ticket 131
Korda reubens – Brad Elsom ticket 147
Fortis binoculars – John Kane ticket 97
ESP Tackle Bundle – Peter Lee ticket 194
Delks 30th draw – John Greaves ticket 107
Fox Micron M alarms – Josh Page ticket 19
Green stows and lites – Steven Vickers ticket 81
Carp Spirit bundle – Joe Rhodes ticket 191
Big One Korda bundle 6th – Lloyd Jenkins ticket 295
EXCLUSIVE Deeper Chirp+ 2nd – Bradley Edward’s ticket 114

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