About Us

From Humble Beginnings

Carp Gear Giveaways is the latest Giveaway website bought to you by Matthew Mountain, a passionate angler from Norfolk.

As an angler and professional web designer over at Visionary Hub Space my thoughts were why not build a business that helps Carp Anglers get the BEST Luxury Carp Fishing Gear on the Market at stupidly low prices per ticket? 

Apart from being the business man, I’m just a down to earth bloke just like you who loves Carp fishing, getting mucky feet on the bank and who wants to give back to the community of Carp Anglers.

Join our growing Facebook Group that has over 6,000 anglers and join in the discussion.

You need to be in it to win it! 

Mathew Mountain

Matthew Mountain - Owner of Carp Gear Giveaways